Academic Excellence
& Student Performance (AESP)

Our Purpose

AESP is responsible for the further development, implementation, and evaluation of the university-wide initiative to impact retention, persistence, and graduation rates at Fisk University.

AESP collaborates with, oversees, coordinates, and manages the diverse services to support Fisk students experiencing academic difficulty.

AESP encourages and supports all students who desire to improve their academic performance.

We work to Support YOU

AESP supports Fisk students who are experiencing academic difficulty as well as students who desire to improve their academic performance.

AESP is delighted that you selected Fisk University, one of the best small liberal arts institutions in the nation, to pursue your undergraduate degree. AESP will assist you in achieving your educational goals with a positive academic experience.

AESP will support you in your efforts to produce academically superior students.

AESP is here to help your child be better prepared for the transition into college and more successful in his/her courses.

AESP Services

Academic advising is an essential element to a student's academic progress and success. The advisement experience will help him/her to prepare for career and leadership opportunities after graduation. Our AESP academic advisors provide advisement to students who have not yet selected majors, are conditionally admitted to the University, and are experiencing academic challenges.

Information about academic advisement is contained within the AESP Student Handbook , an AESP resource that should be regarded as a primary informational tool.

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Our computer/tutoring labs and study rooms are just the spot for students who need a quiet place to study or use a computer. Our facilities are also available to faculty for administering tests and exams.

Differently-Abled Student Support Services are designed for students who may have special needs for their successful matriculation at Fisk University. Whether the student has received a previous diagnosis or needs an assessment, the DSSS staff ensure that the proper accommodations are provided, and every student at Fisk University receives an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of need and disability. for students that are requesting accommodation please fill out the form below


Students who need additional assistance can request services, or can be referred by faculty.

Early Intervention Report

The Fisk University Living Learning Centers (LLC) serve the university community by assisting students in developing optimal competencies through tutorial services, structured study, discussion groups, academic skills workshops, and academic coaching. The Living Learning Centers are staffed and are well-equipped with computers for residents within the respective residence halls.

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All students conditionally admitted and in poor academic standing, are required to enroll in tutoring, actively participate in academic skills workshops, and meet with AESP advisors on a scheduled basis. Faculty members can refer students, or students can request tutoring services.

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In collaboration with Fisk faculty and the Director of Career Development and Leadership, AESP offers workshops; seminars; individualized and small group training sessions; as well as career assessments and exploration tools that are designed to help students understand the career development process and use it to plan for their future.

AESP-sponsored workshops are available to all students to help them with time management, study skills, test-taking strategies, and more.

The Fisk University Writing Center, located in Franklin Library room 320, is a resource for all students. Students are encouraged to visit and meet with a tutor at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming a topic to making final revisions on an essay. Tutors can also assist students in determining research strategies and with creative writing and writing speeches. While the tutors will not proofread papers for students, they will help students acquire the skills they need to create, revise, and edit their own writing in a friendly, pressure-free atmosphere.

Magana J. Kabugi, Director of the Writing Center, at




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Any student who has a complaint regarding academically-related issues such as a course, exam, grade, instructor, etc., must first follow the procedural guidelines exactly as they are outlined in the current Fisk University Bulletin. If a student feels that a satisfactory resolution was not reached after following these steps, he/she should complete an AESP Record of Student Complaint form. AESP will then provide the necessary assistance to determine if a more satisfactory resolution is possible.

Where to Locate us

DuBois Hall, 1st Floor

Raven Thompson
AESP Counselor/Differently Abled Students Specialist
Dubois Hall Room 105
Advising Alphabet (last name):A-H

Eric W. Jackson, Ph.D.
AESP Counselor
Dubois Hall Room 117
Advising Alphabet (last name): I-Q

Shamya Andrews, M.Ed.
AESP Counselor
Dubois Hall Room 118
Advising Alphabet (last name): R-Z

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